ABOUT US     2019

J O L I E ®  d e s i g n e d   f o r   l i f e 

With over 50 years  of experience between them in the field of  Design Hardware,  
two  business friends,  Belgian  Ben Evens and Dutchman Ferry van Herwijnen, established JOLIE, the new kid on the block.
O u r  c l e a r   t a r g e t
New inspiration and creation, exceptional quality in solid brass, made  by  artisans.  
For us,  nothing is the same as there are so many.  We  realized the need  for quality,  for new designs,  for  something special.  We started working  on  our  fresh  
design-ideas,  focusing  on  every  small  detail that would simply make a difference.
E x p e r t l y  c r a f t e d

All products are manufactured in our factory, working with traditional sand 
casting production. With the highest standard of precision quality  machinery  
we  create  handmade  products  using  the world’s best artisans.  Our  design,  production,  warehouse and service team  create  perfection  and  control, they  oversee  the creations  from  production until final shipment to our customers. 
They are able  to  work  through  the  full  process,  from casting, forging,  grinding,  trimming,  milling,  drilling,  turning,  polishing,  pitting,  coating,  lacquering  up  to  packing, stocking, marketing and more.
O u r  r e s u l t

New  designs  with  character,  an  inspiring  collection  of brass accessories for cabinets, doors and bathrooms. To enable architects, designers  and  end-users to  use  JOLIE  throughout the entire  project,  created  to unify  the  look  in  every  different space or room.
W e l c o m e

To our new collections  including our latest  designs  by  Roel Vandebeek 
(Its a Roel), with new ranges Ville, Anvil & Liv for  all  projects, doors, windows,  and cabinetry. Quality, uniqueness, immediate  stock availability and  customer service are our companies key-points.

JOLIE HANDLES bvba - Kolisstraat 6 - 3670 Meeuwen - BELGIUM