JOLIE® originated from a Belgian-Dutch cooperation of business-friendship.

During the early part of 2016 and after years of intensive design and development 
we introduced our first innovative new Jolie ® product line.
Our products include cabinet handles and knobs, completely handmade and cast in
solid brass that gives sleek shapes and natural lines.
Products with a timeless character that will enhance any high quality interior design.
Presently in 2017 we have designed new handles and knobs plus a collection of 
completely NEW door- and window hardware.

Further we introduce a complete new colour under J O L I E ‘ s  secret “Aged Gold”.
Jolie-product lines are available at the professional Hardware shops/stores/dealers 
as well as through our sales network of distributors working in the International 
Interior markets. 

The complete collection is directly available from our stock in Belgium.

To support the sales of our quality collections, we deliver different ‘marketing-tools’ 
such as solid oak showroom panels. 

J O L I E ®  d e s i g n e d   f o r   l i f e 

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